SEO Baseline – Improving Website Findability

SEO Baseline

SEO Baseline – Improving Website Findability

A solid SEO foundation is critical for any website nowadays. Optimization forms the backbone for bringing in organic click traffic. Our comprehensive SEO services include an in-depth site analysis to determine what’s working and to identify opportunities for improvement. We’ll dig deep to understand your brand and find valuable keywords. We’ll also tie existing search traffic to the elements of your business that visitors look for the most.

Another part of our SEO services is creating automated reports that pull data from various sources. We use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools to offer insights into your site traffic and performance. These reports allow us to collaborate with you on deciding which KPIs are most important to monitor.

For on-page implementation, our brilliant copywriters will set metadata and optimize page content. We’ll then offer optimal content creation criteria that can be applied retroactively to existing pages. This will serve as a best practice for all future content creation.

This article was originally prepared and published by WE·DO WorldwideWE·DO Worldwide is Pierce Forward’s digital agency partner.

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